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Sammy love!

I hate to see this community fall by the wayside.:-( I do enjoy reading all the fics you guys write to celebrate Sammy. I'd be willing to help run it if need be, though I do have to work it around my crazy work schedule which can be a beyotch at times, lol.

What say you guys? :-D

*chants Sammy love, Sammy love!*
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Two Men, A Fallen Angel, A Prophet And A Little Lady

Title:Two Men, A Fallen Angel, A Prophet And A Little Lady
Author: gidgetgal9
Spoilers:Season 8 Sacrifice.
Summary:AU tag to Sacrifice with references to Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Dean has an ill brother, a confused prophet and an angel learning to be human, life couldn't get anymore complicated, right? Yeah, right.

Two Men photo twomenafallenangelaprophetandalittlelady.png

A/N:A big thanks to sendintheklowns for her support and beta work and another big thanks to princess_schez for her lovely story banner.

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Summer of Sam Love 2013 Celebration

The people have spoken! Sam deserves to be shown lots of love after the past year which was very rough on him. Due to time constraints, we’d like to make this a true celebration which means there will be no voting or awards—anything you submit will be for the sheer enjoyment of readers/viewers and to give Sam his due.

This year there is no theme in place other than to show Sam in a positive light. Let’s focus on celebrating his ultimate goodness.

Here are things to keep in mind:

- Your entry needs to be gen (no slash, het, romance, etc.) and family friendly (no explicit sexual content, minimal graphic violence, minimal harsh language) in order to be accepted. Any media form that fits these parameters is welcome (fic, art, etc.)
- Other characters are welcome as long as Sam figures prominently.
- Any season, pre-series or post-series is fair game.
- There is no minimum word count for fic posts.
- Please include spoiler information in your post.
- Please try to post before the official end of summer (September 22, 2013)
- Have fun!

In lieu of voting/awards, you will receive an icon featuring Sam to use as you see fit if you post something to show Sam your appreciation.
I Support him, Sam

And the results are in!

I apologize for being a little late with this post, but here are the winners.

Our Sam Lover of the Summer Author is ibelieveinsam with What the Water Gave Me!

There was a three way tie for second place so our runner ups are gidgetgal9 with Nothing Remains, swellison with Sparks of Memory, and verucasalt123 with Walking Tall.

Our Sam Lover of the Summer Artist is princess_schez with Weekend at Bobby's (icons) & Nothing Remains (banner).

The runner up is kiscinca with To the Fuglies.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to EVERYBODY who participated in our Summer of Sam Love celebration 2012! It was another great year of loving Sam, but don't forget to love him ALL year long. Hopefully there's more reasons to love him in season 8 but we all will love him no matter what!

Winners & runners up if you could PM sendintheklowns or email her directly at dobedat@aol.com she will gladly hook you up with you awards. We have some lovely icons that faye_dartmouth has created specifically for you. Thanks again and we love you all!
I Support him, Sam

Summer of Sam Love 2012 Celebration: Artwork Category

This year we were lucky enough to have artist join in our celebration. Here is a list of the beautiful artwork these artists shared with our community. Don't forget to click the link at the bottom of the post in order to cast your vote!

2012 Summer of Sam Love Artwork master list (by artist)

kiscinca with~To the Fuglies

princess_schez with~Weekend at Bobby's (icons) & Nothing Remains (banner)

bt_kady & platinumrosel with~Shifting into Heroism (banner)

verucasalt123 with~ Walking Tall (banner)

As mentioned previously, the polls are being hosted on another site. When you click on the link below you'll be redirected to a site where you will find the artist's name and the artwork's title. You may vote for up to 2 artists, but you may not vote more than once. The poll will close on August 30th. Check back on August 31st to find out who was names the Sam Lover of the Summer Artist.

Click here to cast your vote!

Thank you to the artists who shared their talent with us during our celebration. We hope you enjoyed the Summer of Sam Love and we'll see you next year!
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Summer of Sam Love 2012 Celebration: Fan Fiction Category

The end of another wonderful Sam Loving Summer has come and now it's time for you to pick the Sam Lover of the Summer Author! However, before you go and vote, please make sure you have checked out all the stories that these fantastic authors shared with us during the 2012 celebration.

2012 Summer of Sam Love Fan Fiction Master List (by author)

ibelieveinsam wrote-What the Water Gave Me (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)

swellison wrote-Sparks of Memory

dtwilight wrote 15 amazing stories- Sleepy Hollow… without the Headless Horsemen, Go for the Gold, Take Me Out of the Ballgame, Fireflies in a Wind Storm, Ride ‘em Cowboy, Surfs Up, One Sweet moment in Time, Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Their Big Day, I Scream, You Scream, Fun House, The Deep End, Monsters in the Sky, Building Bridges, Independence Day

gidgetgal9 wrote-Nothing Remains

bt_kady & platinumrosel wrote-Shifting into Heroism

verucasalt123 wrote- Walking Tall

annie46 wrote-On Vacation?

In order to keep the votes confidential, we are hosting the poll on another website. When you click the link below you will be taken to a poll that includes the author's name and a link to the story. You can vote for up to 3 authors, but you can only submit your votes once. The poll will close on August 30th. Please check back on August 31st to find out who has been named the Sam Lover of the Summer Author.

Click here to cast your vote!

Last but not least, thank you so all the authors who choose to be a part of this celebration. You helped make this another great Sam Loving Summer! We hope everyone had fun and we'll see you next year!